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Tree Removal Pickering

Tree Removal Experts in Durham

Sitting right on the shores of gorgeous Lake Ontario is the town of Pickering, just east of Toronto in the Durham region of Ontario. For many centuries, it was home to the Iroquoian-speaking Huron known as the Wyandot.

Today, it has transformed into a mostly suburban area surrounding the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station which employs many residents in the town. In the northern part of the city, there are many farms and agricultural developments, though recently more residential uses have been seen there as the town continues to grow. There are a number of schools, both public and Catholic, for children so it's a great area for families to settle down in.

The town of Pickering does have many dedicated green spaces including parks and walking trails, complete with beautiful and mature trees. As a company focused on tree services, we understand how important green spaces are to a town. We can help maintain the health of trees but also safely remove them when they have died, fallen over due to storm damage, or pose a threat to structures in the area.

When it comes to tree removal, the process isn't always the same for every tree but it will look quite similar. Here's what you can expect from our tree removal services when you need a tree removed on your commercial or residential property.


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    Call in the Tree Removal Professionals

    We have years of experience in safely cutting down and removing trees, from all kinds of places and spaces. We can make sure no one gets hurt and no property is damaged in the process. We will assess the area, determine if the tree can come down in one piece (if it's a big open area) or if it needs to come down in pieces, cutting branch by branch. We will also be able to see if there is additional information about the tree coming down that home owners may not think to look for: does it lean a certain way, is it possibly dead inside and could crack unexpectedly as we cut, and so on. During this step we do our due diligence to make sure every aspect of the tree removal process is taken care of, and we know what we can expect when we go to remove it.


    Clear the Area for Removal

    If the tree you're looking to remove is close to a house or other building structure, this might be tricky. Ideally what we want to do is determine how tall the tree is and clear enough space to cover the height of the tree. If the tree is coming down in sections, piece by piece, we want to make sure we've cleared enough area to put the pieces as they're cut. This may mean you will have to remove a few items from your back or front yard, or possibly park your car on the street if the tree will come down on your driveway. We will give you all the details before we start trimming, though.


    Start Cutting the Tree

    When we've completed the set up for the tree removal service, we will start removing the tree. If the tree removal is going to be in one big piece, we will do what's called an undercut. This will happen on the side of the tree we want it to fall on, and will be in V shape. Once have sufficiently done that, we will do the back cut. Which means that we will go to the other side of the tree and start cutting through the trunk, about 2 inches above the undercut. When we cut through, and get close to the undercut, the stress on the tree trunk is released in the direction we want it to go. This is how we control where the tree falls during your removal services.


    Clean Up

    Depending on the size of the tree, we may need to put it through a woodchipper once it's been cut down. Some tree trunks are just too big to remove from a property whole. We don't want to interfere with the any other tree on your property so we will ensure the impact our tree removal is minimal. We will make sure we clean up all the branches, pieces of tree and wood chips so nothing is left behind on your property - unless you want to use the woodchips for a project around the house!


    Stump Removal

    When the tree is cut down, unfortunately we can't completely cut into the ground so you may be left with the tree stump. You have a couple options for stump removal. First - you don't have to. If you want to leave it there and use it to hold a flower pot, or other plant, you can! If you do want to go with stump removal, it can either be dug out or we do something called stump grinding. Stump removal, using grinding, is better the trunk of the tree and the stump are too large to just be dug out. We grind it down so that it is level, or just below, the ground, and you won't see this big tree stump in your yard. The downside to stump grinding is that you can't plant a tree, or anything, directly in that spot because it isn't a complete stump removal. You can plant around it, of course. If you go with a complete stump removal and completely dig out the stump, you will be left with a large hole in your backyard, but if you're transplanting another tree it's the perfect option as you'll already have a spot to put it.


    Tree Care & Service

    If, after you've removed the tree, you plant another one or just have other trees in your yard we can help you take care of them. From tree trimming, tree pruning or just general tree care we're here to help. Our experience in tree removal and tree services will give you the best tree care and service available. You can also schedule your regular tree service and car with us, for your home or commercial property.

    We know how much trees add to the value of your home - providing shade in the summer and make your home's curb appeal just that much better. We get it. As much as any home owner tries to provide adequate tree care sometimes professional tree service is just needed. Whether you need tree removal because of storm damage or the tree is just old and needs to come down. We know tree care and customer service, and we'll give you the best of both!

    If you're looking for a tree removal service, tree care, other tree service give us a call today! We truly care about our customer service, so we pride ourselves on having the best customer service. Don't have a tree on your property right now? That's ok - part of our tree service includes planning care for a new tree too! When you're looking for a tree removal service near me, call us: the best in tree removal Ajax and Pickering has to offer.

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