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Arborist Reports

Tree near water in York Region

CA Tree Removal provides arborist reports to commercial and residential clients in Toronto. We provide onsite inspection of your trees and provide you a detailed arborist report that meets your needs. Our team is highly trained and certified to legally provide arborist reports. Our reports can give you an overall health report for your trees and suggestions on how to care or manage them. We document all our observations and conclusions in our written report. Depending of your need, the report can be very detailed for certain instances. Our reports can be used for legal and insurance issues.

What is an Arborist Report?

An arborist report is a report that contains information about a tree. If can include size, condition, location, health and other observations about a tree. The arborist report is performed by a trained professional. They can vary in size from a single page to hundreds of pages depending on the project. An arborist report is generally required before a tree removal or replacement tree services. They can also be used to inventory trees on a property. A report will be needed for any tree removal that involves disease, infestation or structural issues. CA Tree Removal provides arborist reports to all our commercial and residential clients.

Development Projects

All development projects will require an arborist report. If you are building a new commercial or residential property, give our customer service team today to get started on your arborist report. We can provide detailed report for your development project. Our team will diagnose all trees on the property and provide you with conclusions and solutions in the report. We are a team of highly trained arborists and will provide you the highest quality written report.

Legal and Insurance Reporting

Do you need an arborist report for a legal or insurance matter? CA Tree Removal provides detailed arborist reports for any legal matter. We will provide a formal, written and detailed report. Our team has years of experience filing arborist reports and provide a report that will hold up to any scrutiny. We will diagnose the trees and issues and provide a detailed conclusion with plenty of supporting documentation. If you need an arborist report for a legal or insurance matter, give our customer service team a call today.

Tree Removal

Most tree removals will require an arborist report. An arborist report is required if the tree is alive but may be diseased or have structural problems. Root encroachment, insect infestations also require an arborist report before removal. Dead trees do not require a report and can be removed. We will provide you a detailed report that can be given to your city council or property managers before we remove any trees. Feel free to contact our customer service team today if you are looking to remove a tree and need an arborist report.