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Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Grounded Stump

Stump removal and grinding are two ways we finalize a tree removal. A tree is rooted deep into your property. Removing the tree is only part of the process of fully removing a tree. We offer stump grinding and removal for all our tree removal services. Each process has its own pros and cons. CA Tree Removal can help you make an educated decision before choosing a service. Are you planning on building over the location? Are you looking for a budget friendly option? Give our customer service team a call today and we can explain our stump removal and stump grinding services.

Stump Removal Benefits

Should you remove your stump after a tree removal? Once the tree is removed, you are left with a large stump. It can be an eyesore if is in view your property. Stump removal provides a better visual aesthetic for your home. A stump is also a safety hazard to your family. If not cared for it can easily be a tripping hazard. Are you planning to build where your tree was? You will need stump removal or grinding to build a deck, patio or other external structure. Let our team of pros solve your stump problems today.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is the process of fully removing a stump and its roots. The process is involved and require the use of heavy machinery on your property. The stump and all its roots are dug from the ground. Once removed, the tree will never be able to regrow. This makes stump removal the best option for customers who plan to build on the land. You won’t have to worry about tree regrowth under your new deck, patio or shed. Stump removal requires more work and equipment and is more expensive than stump grinding.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a cost-effective way of removing a stump from your property. We have the latest stump grinding machinery and can quickly remove any size stump. Stump grinding uses less equipment and man hours resulting in a lower cost than stump removal. It is also less disruptive to your landscape. Unfortunately stump grinding leaves the roots of the tree. The tree could eventually sprout and regrow. This could cause problems in the future if you are planning on building over the old stump.

Should I use Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

Which option is best for your property? CA Tree Removal can help you decide. We offer stump removal and grinding for all our commercial and residential clients. If your stumps are out of view and you are not planning on building over them, stump grinding is a great option. It is affordable and we complete the service with little disruption to your property. You also can use the wood chips for mulch on your landscape if you like. If you plan on building over the old stump, you should consider stump removal. Stump removal fully reclaims the land where the stump was located.