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Tree & Stump Removal

Man trimming tree

CA Tree Removal provides tree pruning and trimming for Toronto Ontario. Our team of trained arborists can transform your landscape with a regularly scheduled pruning and trimming service. We provide a quick and safe service for commercial and residential properties. Our employees are fully trained on the latest safety procedures and ensure your property is safe during all our services If you need trimming of branches for safety reasons, feel free to call us today. We can safely trim branches that are damaging your home or property. We have team members on-call to care for any storm damage and emergency trimming needs.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

We provide the highest quality tree trimming and pruning in Toronto. Our tree trimming services will ensure your trees grow perfectly. We will remove any branches that could become a danger in the future. Branches that grow over your home, neighbor’s property or utility lines will be cared for. Our trimming service will ensure your trees grow healthy. Pruning involves removing dead branches and leaves to promote healthy growth of your trees. It will also shape your tree. For healthy growth, we encourage tree trimming and pruning twice a year. Contact our customer service team today to schedule an appointment.

Tree Care and Maintenance

We can help you save a damage or ill tree. CA Tree Removal offers tree cabling and bracing for almost any damaged tree. Tree cabling and bracing adds support to a damaged tree and attempts to heal your tree. The added support will force the tree to grow in a specific way and will promote healthy growth. Do you have a diseased or infested tree? Our team provides a variety of treatments that can save your trees from an insect infestation or tree illness. We have trained arborists that are experts and can care for any species tree.

Bush and Hedge Trimming and Pruning

We also trim and prune bushes and hedges. We offer a variety of trimming and pruning packages for commercial and residential clients. Our trimming and pruning services can be scheduled to meet your needs. For most species, we suggest two trimming and pruning services a year. This will promote healthy growth while maintaining a beautiful landscape. If left uncared for your bushes and hedges can grow out of control. We are available today for your bush and hedge trimming and pruning needs.

Storm Damage and Emergency Trimming

Winter storms can easily cause large branches to fall on your property. If these hit your home or utility lines, they pose a serious health hazard. CA Tree Removal provides 24-hour emergency services for Toronto. Do you have a tree blocking your driveway or road? We can arrive shortly and take care of it. Are branches damaging your home? Our team of pros are experts at safely removing branches without further damage to your home. Feel free to contact us immediately if you have an emergency. We can be reached 24/7 at the phone number below for emergency services.