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Tree Removal Forest Hill


#1 Tree Removal Company in Toronto.


Are you looking for a local, affordable and efficient tree removal services in Forest Hill, Toronto? 

At CA Tree Removal, we are experts at removing dead, damaged or sick trees that pose danger to your home. 


Other tree care services we offer include pruning, trimming, stump removal, emergency tree removal services, etc. Have any tree removal and care  needs in Forest Hill, Toronto? Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

History of Forest Hill

Forest Hill is one of the wealthiest and affluent neighborhoods in Toronto. It’s located in Downtown Toronto to the north. In 1967, it was merged into Toronto, and it has retained it’ status as a neighborhood ever since. Along with other villages such as The Bridle and Rosedale, Forest Hill Hill is home to some of the most prominent personalities in Canada. It’s home to doctors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, doctors, etc. 

Free Tree Service Estimates

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    Our Tree Removal Services

    Tree removal


    There are plenty of reasons why you need tree removal services in your home. If you have a dead, unhealthy or damaged tree in your compound, get in touch with CA tree removal before things get worse. Dead trees can fall anytime and  can cause serious injury or damage to property. On the other hand, it’s only a matter of time before unhealthy or damaged trees become a safety hazard. CA tree removal is the team to contact in Forest Hill, Toronto for all your tree removal needs.


    Pruning and Trimming


    Trimming and pruning can enhance the beauty, safety and health of your trees. But this practice requires a methodical approach and careful planning. At CA removal we offer professional trimming and pruning services meant to enhance the overall health, shape and safety of your trees.Need healthy and shapely trees in your yard? Call us today, and we will send you a free quote.


    Stump Removal and Stump Grinding


    After a tree is purged, the  bottom part is often left on the ground. The stumps left behind ruin the beauty of your compound and can cause accidents like tripping. At CA Tree removal we offer stump grinding services that will clear out all  the stumps from your compound. We grind the stump into bits and let the residue rot and mix with your soil. Normally, we can clear out stumps from your property under one hour. Need stump removed from your yard? Call us to schedule a free consultation.


    Residential and commercial tree removal services


    CA tree removal is a full service tree removal company. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Forest Hill and it’s surrounding neighborhoods in Toronto. Whatever your tree care or removal needs you have, talk to our expert arborists for quick help.


    Why Choose Us


    For starters, let us handle all your tree care needs because we have ample experience. Our experience and and local knowledge of Forest makes us stand out from other tree removal services. Plus, all our staff are trained, licensed, and insured. Call us and let us know your tree removal needs.

    CA Tree Removal of Forest Hill

    Tree service company serving Forest Hill, Toronto and the GTA. Our certified arborists can take care of all your tree care needs. Free estimates, great prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee.