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The city of Scarboorugh, located in Southern Ontario, is home to over half a million people and it is in the top 10 most populous municipalities in Canada. Today, Scarborough's biggest economic sectors include manufacturing, logistics and information, and communication technologies but that wasn't always the case. When the city was first settled in the 1790s by Europeans it was all small rural villages and farms. Even though its economic sectors have changed Scarborough, Ontario is still home to many beautiful trees and greenery areas, requiring regular maintenance and proper care.

As much as you might try to keep the trees on your property healthy, sometimes removal is necessary and you'll need to find a removal service to help you safely remove both the tree and the stump. Here's what you can expect from hiring a Scarborough tree removal service.


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    Best Tree Removal Services in Scarborough Ontario

    Size and Location


    Your experience in having a professional remove a tree and its stump may depend on a number of factors. A medium-size tree that is located far away from your house and other structures on your property will be much easier to remove than one that is very close to your home and incredibly large.




    Depending on the location, as mentioned, there are a couple of ways the tree itself can come down. If there's enough room to let the tree fall safely it can likely come down in one big piece. If it is close to a building or your home, then it will likely need to be scaled and be chopped down into smaller pieces, or branch by branch. As a professional tree company, we will assess the situation and make a recommendation for what is best in your situation.


    Clear a Path


    When it comes to tree removal, you'll need to make sure the professional company has a clear path to the tree so they can easily access the tree they need to and won't be ruining anything else on your property.


    Get a Permit


    If you plan to cut the tree down yourself, you will need a permit to cut trees. Otherwise, the professional company you hire will acquire the proper paperwork needed to perform the tree service you're looking for. If you need professional tree removal in Scarborough, give us a call.


    Once the Tree is Cut Down


    Even if the tree comes down in one piece, there will still be a stump left behind because of the roots in the ground that have grown over time. When it comes to removing the stump, you have a couple of options. One of them is stump grinding. Professional tree services will offer you the option to completely grind down the stump when digging it out is not feasible because of the location of the tree. Grinding it down can help make sure you don't have this huge eyesore in your yard. If you're thinking about tree planting, though, you may have to completely remove the stump so the new tree has room to grow.

    When you're looking for arbor tree services in Scarborough, Ontario it's important to look for a professional tree service that you get the very best service possible. Whether you're in an emergency because of a downed tree during a storm or you know one of the trees on your property has died and it needs to be removed, tree care for your home is important, and hiring professionals will make all the difference. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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