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Tree Removal Markham

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Are you searching for a trusted and reliable tree removal services in Markham, Ontario? Trees are useful living elements of our landscape. They offer landscape beauty and utilitarian value as shade providers, air purifiers, and windbreakers. Unfortunately,  it's possible to lose your valuable trees in windy storms, to diseases, pests, floods, or lightning strikes, and other vagaries of weather.


At CA Tree Removal, we provide a wide array of tree care and maintenance services, which can keep your trees strong, healthy, and visually appealing. In case the trees in your home become a safety hazard our tree removal service can bail you out.Our services are available to all property owners in Markham, Ontario.

Markham Ontario


The occupation of early European settlers in the region that would become Markham can be traced back to the period between 900 BC and 1650. Markham was created by two major regional land acquisitions. These include the 1787 Toronto Purchase and the 1788 Rogue Tract Claim.


Markham was founded by William Moll Berczy. The region was named after the Archbishop of York known as William Markham. The modern history of Markham started after the appointment of Lieutenant Governor, Simcoe in 1791. 

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    Looking for Tree Removal Services in Markham?

    Sometimes your trees outlive their usefulness when they either break down, weaken, or get sick because of pest or disease attacks. Such trees can fall within your property and cause injuries or damage to your utility lines and property. If this is the case, we can help you in cutting down or pruning the affected tree parts. We also help in transporting the cut-down logs and branches. 

    Tree Maintenance and Care Services


    Are your trees stunted, overgrown, or disease and pest-ridden? Worry no more! CA Tree Removal can help you in taking care of your trees throughout their lifespan. We have experienced, certified, insured, and well-trained arborists that can help you to plant and maintain your trees. The team at CA tree removal can plant, prune, cable, relocate, and even remove your trees to reduce property liability risks.


    Tree Protection and Preservation


    Taking care of your trees is beneficial to your landscape and property. The trees provide shed, reduce erosion, and shield your property against strong winds. Through our cabling, pruning, training, thinning, and bracing methods, we can protect your trees from different kinds of damage.


    Lot Clearing


    You'll need to clear trees from any piece of property before undertaking any construction or the laying down of utility lines and infrastructure for your municipal, commercial, and residential projects. At CA Tree Removal, we help you to clear such areas with ease.


    Clean Up After Storm Damage


    If mother nature wreaks havoc on your property by breaking down branches and uprooting trees by wind or water, then we're here to assist you. We can help you clean up and trim your trees back to shape.


    Stump Removal and Grinding


    After your trees are cut down or uprooted, you'll need to clear unsightly stumps that can hinder traffic from creating space for lush green lawns or flower beds. Our team of arborists can help you to restore your outdoor spaces.


    Provision of Arborist Reports 


    Arborist reports are a necessity in virtually all property planning and construction processes. Our arborists can conduct a thorough site assessment on your property and provide you with this legal document that will help you in ratifying your construction plans. 


    The Pros of Hiring CA Tree Removal


    •   Our arborists and company is insured, bonded, and licensed.
    •   We use turf-friendly top-notch equipment 
    •   CA Tree Removal is ISA licensed as certified arborists in Markham, Ontario.

    CA Tree Removal of Markham

    Tree service company serving Markham, York Region and the GTA. Our certified arborists can take care of all your tree care needs. Free estimates, great prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee.